• VIP Fully-Managed Service

    Our experts on hand 24/7

    You receive more than secure machines connected to a world-class network; you get a team of expert systems engineers at your disposal: leave the technicalities to us and get on with doing what you do best.

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  • High availability services

    Failover, load-balancing & DR clusters

    PCI-compliant resilient hosting for the most demanding applications. We tailor seamless failover options using load-balanced clusters and our own best-of-breed cloud services.

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  • Positive Park Data Centre

    A next-generation home for your secure data

    Unlike most, we own and operate our flagship data centre. Staffed by our experts 24/7, we offer services nobody else can thanks to the industry-leading greener Positive Park.

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  • Enterprise-class Virtual Machines

    Virtual Machines, Containers, Appliances

    PosiCloud virtual servers provide you with high server performance, processing power and memory ensuring a faststable and flexible service at an unbeatable price. Combine with our CloudCare VIP for the ultimate in safety, security, and performance in the cloud.

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  • Dolphin Dedicated Servers

    A real server for real applications

    The Dolphin Server provides your web site with real physical server performance, processing power and memory ensuring a fast, stable service at an unbeatable price.

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  • Z shared-hosting

    Cost-effective shared hosting done right

    Z is the pioneering shared hosting service; run the latest agile frameworks for little more than a tenner a month, with the assurance of our unique support promise.

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  • Domain hosting & registration

    Our hostmistress is on hand

    Secure your domain with our quick and easy registration service with no hidden charges, seamless transfers and an online management system. Our hostmistress ensures no faceless frustrations with DNS red tape. She takes all the stress away.

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  • Positive USA

    Still good and now Stateside

    We now offer our renowned services in the United States. We provide world-class connectivity and our own staff in premier data centres: a boon for American clients who yearn for our services closer to home and for Europeans demanding the best US hosting.

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  • IT & security business advice

    Our technical consultants save you headaches

    We can help you become PCI-DSS compliant or ISO 27001 certified. We'll harden your systems to bank-grade security. We'll design world-class DR and backup systems. And we'll run training courses tailored to your specific requirements so you can use your technology at its best.

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